About Lou

Lou Dickenson is the co-founder and CEO of Lou Dickenson Elite Performance Hockey Inc. (“LDHockey”).In 1998, he was 2nd overall in the OHL draft. In 2000, he was 113th overall in the NHL draft (Edmonton Oilers).Lou has played as a professional hockey in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, Slovenia and Scotland. He retired as a professional hockey player in 2016.While playing professional hockey in Norway, Lou was an active member in a prominent hockey school. He helped take a team with a losing record to a national championship within two years.  Lou’s knowledge of the international hockey scene, as an athlete, a coach and as an educator, is broad. Lou values education.  He has a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing. His unique experience as a professional hockey player, his various contacts in the industry, coupled with his post-secondary education, place him in a unique position to maximize your hockey potential.  Lou’s objective is to help young hockey players who wish to take it to the next level.  More specifically, Lou seeks to work with players who aspire to:

  • become professional hockey players;
  • enter the U-18 draft;
  • transition from AA to AAA;
  • progress from B to AA; or,
  • go from house league to Rep. B.

Lou has been blessed to have an opportunity to be a professional hockey player for 12 years. It is his goal to help each student-athlete to reach his or her full potential as a hockey player, and as a contributing member of society.

At LDHockey, we aim for success on and off the ice.