Our Commitment


 "I, Lou Dickenson, commit to ensuring that your child improves as a hockey player and as a person. Whether your child is attempting to make it from house league to competitive, from AA to AAA or from AAA to Junior A, I will work with your child until his or her goal is met".Our unique drills and programs are geared to develop speed, explosiveness, core strength and edge control.  More specifically, we develop the following:

  • top physical performance;
  • skating techniques to maximize speed, change of direction, stopping and stability, while handling the puck;
  • shooting power, accuracy and quickness;
  • sound body mechanics, through analysis of skating, and shooting;
  • intellectual understanding of game theory, strategizing, and positioning;
  • athlete’s mindset, including how to maximize focus, resilience, confidence and emotional stability;
  • life principles including work ethic, reliability, consistency, team spirit, balancing sports and academics.