The Program

Lou coaching

Lou speaks from experience when he states that :

"The distinction between professional hockey players and good hockey players are speed, explosiveness, core strength and edge control.  The good news is that these elements can continuously improve, as long as a player has proper training, and the drive to get better".

Speed involves the velocity at which player is able to move and can change direction. Explosiveness involves how quickly a player can reach his maximum speed.  Core balance is also fundamental, particularly once contact is introduced. A player with speed, and explosiveness who does not have a strong core balance will be ineffective on the ice.

Our exercises and drills place a great deal of emphasis on maximizing speed, explosiveness, core strength and edge control.  Each incremental improvement in these areas, gets a player closer to his/her ultimate goal.

Lou will spend time with each player to assess his or her particular needs, and goals.  He will then tailor an individualized training program for said player.  

If you're looking for hockey training in Ottawa and area, think Lou Dickenson Elite Performance Hockey